Tuesday, September 6, 2011


The Chimeron is available at www.noveltyhaus.com! Head over to the website and snag one, or if you are in the Baltimore area drop by the brick and mortar store and pick one up in person!

From Novelty Haus...
It's the year 2013, the ice caps are beginning to melt and the Earth's climate has begun to change. Will the humans survive their own man-made destruction?

Out of the arctic glaciers are born the Mighty Chimeron! This fleet of amalgamated beasts have come to wreak havoc on the people of the world to push the Earth back into its balance through the destruction of the human industrial complex! Will you join the Chimeron in their mission or fight against them to protect the human modification of Earth? Now is your chance to decide.

The Deathlight Chimeron

The newest Chimeron warrior has arrived!
The others have cleared the way, the Deathlight Chimeron comes to steal your soul!