Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Reflection on New Works

Working on some new things, some exciting, some not so much, but new none the less. Makes me wonder though, since I'm essentially using various pieces of this and that, does that make my creation a custom? At what point does it stop being a custom figure and turn into a true sculpture? How much chopping and cutting, gluing and paint does it take to call something your own?

I think its a fine line and it reminds me of my days making collages, I always loved searching for interesting pieces, ads, graphic from editorial pieces, covers, textures... anything that looked interesting that i could glue to a flat surface went into the 'source' pile. And from that I would cobble together some kind of composition, pulling the pieces together to make something new.

I can see the transition, from that to this, from a 2-D flat surface to this world of 3 dimensional plastics and clay. Some of the tools might have changed but the underlying idea is the same, the urge to explore remains, the process remains.

I've been drawn in by this beast, it has sunken it's teeth in deep and it may never let go.