Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A bit of an update

Couple things coming up but its a little quiet for the moment.

I sent 2 customs out to Lulubell for their Grody Mash-up show, so stop by and take a peek if you're in the Mesa area, or check on their site sometime in the near future they may show up there as well.
- www.lulubelltoys.com

A few projects in the early stages and a new release is on the horizon.

Speaking of new releases here are some shots from my mold making and casting sessions from a couple days ago. This guy will be the next release, I'll be releasing more info soon.

Sculpture gets pushed into clay and a mold box is built around it.

Pour on that silicone!

Once the silicone cures the box is opened and the clay removed. Then ill spray on a release agent to keep the mold halves from bonding
The clay sarcophagus. 
The mold box is rebuilt and new silicone goes in.
Once the mold cures and is inspected resin is mixed and poured in.
And here's the first cast!

Thats it for now, keep up with more regular updates and nonsense via instagram (on the right -->) and on twitter @acolorfulmonstr.