Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Future Prospects

First of all I want to thank everyone again who has supported our kickstarter campaign, you are helping to make dreams a reality!

If this project is successfully funded not only will it enable us to produce our newest creation, Zombitron, in vinyl but it will also put us in a unique position full of opportunity. Plans are in place to extend this collaboration beyond Zombitron and evolve a partnership between myself and Kenth Toy Works. This has been an amazing project and we both hope to be able carry it forward and bring new and exciting creations to life!

Helping to fund this campaign ensures us not only the ability to produce this one figure but to create many more in the future with our continued collaboration. These toys are something that Kenth and I are extremely passionate about and working together, even across oceans, has brought this out even more in myself.

You are not just funding one toy, you are investing in an idea. You are putting faith in the two of us and our artistic vision for the future. We want to make new and interesting toys, while sticking to the traditions that have brought us here. We hope you can help make this happen for us!

From the bottom of my monster loving heart, Thank you.

And if you are not able to donate please help by sharing this post, links or pictures in what ever way you can!

Find the kickstarter campaign HERE. Keep up with the latest updates on the Acolorfulmonster Facebook Page HERE.

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