Universe Codex

The Beginning – Throgaa, Chakra and the Earth

A great seismic shift shook the Earth and awakened something hidden for millennia in the oceans' depths. An ancient sea beast, a lost piece of the evolutionary chain, the ancient water lizard THROGAA! The beast wreaked havoc on the Earth and for a time the humans fought back. They built the most powerful weapons imaginable to defeat their ancient foe and after many battles it seemed like they were gaining ground against the sea demon.

But Throgaa's awakening acted as a beacon pulsating into the cosmos. Unfortunately this beacon was received by the nefarious Chakra, an evil intergalactic warlock bent on finding the secret to immortality and using it to dominate the universe! Chakra turned his gaze to the stars, to see what power had awakened and how he might use it to his own benefit. Delighted with what he saw Chakra gathered his strength and hurtled himself toward the earth!

Humanity unknowingly awaits his arrival.