THROGAA Update: Japan!

Im happy to say that he made the trip safely and THROGAA is now in Japan!
He's taking his first baby steps toward becoming a vinyl toy! I will share more as soon as I can.
Make sure to find me on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook for more frequent news/updates and what not!

- John

Throgaa Thanks You!

A big thank you to all who ordered Throgaa! He is currently crossing the ocean to begin his transformation into soft vinyl!
I will keep this page updated with news, pics and info regarding the progress. I'm looking forward to providing even more Throgaa later this year in the form of blanks, custom one-offs and small painted runs.

Thank you all again!

The last weekend for Throgaa pre-orders!

Hello everyone, this is the last weekend I will be taking pre-orders for Throgaa! Click the image below to be taken directly to the shop!

Thanks again to all that have pre-ordered so far, check back for updates on Throgaa's transition into vinyl!

Only 5 Orders Left!

Okay everyone, I only have 5 spots left for the Throgaa pre-order! These last five orders come with 2 figures, 2 FIGURES! Order now and you will receive a Blue/glow-in-the-dark marble Throgaa AND a blank glow-in-the-dark Throgaa! As soon as the orders are filled Throgaa will be off to Japan to make the transition to that oh so sweet soft vinyl or sofubi!

Click the image below to be taken directly to the shop or follow the other various shop links on the site. I am very excited to see so much support and I thank you all that have ordered so far.

Throgaa Art Print

My new print for Throgaa is now in the shop! Click the image below or check out the shop link above.

Throgaa Glow in the Dark Blanks

Don't forget, the first 15 orders will receive a glow in the dark blank figure for free!
Click the picture below to be taken directly to the shop and order yours today!

Throgaa Vinyl Figure Preorder

To get this guy in vinyl I need your help.

This pre-order will fund the production of my very first solo vinyl figure! Throgaa has been in development for almost 2 years and has gone through quite the transformation since his initial inception.

The concept originated from a mash up of various toy pieces and parts/Halloween decorations put together as a reference for my sculpt (much of this never made it into the original sculpture but the T-rex skull head survived!). I went through a few concepts and finally, with a suggestion from a friend, I landed on this one.

This figure represents many of the things i love about some of my favorite toys; the details are large and exaggerated, the textures are pronounced, he's chunky (feels great holding him) and has a fun odd shape.

I'm glad to finally be able to not only show Throgaa to the world but to get him out there into your hands.

The details for the pre-order are as follows:
- $125 plus shipping.
- Produced in Blue/Glow-in-the-Dark swirl marble vinyl.
- 8.5 inches from nose to tail, 4 inches tall.
- Each figure comes bagged with a header.

Exclusive to this release the first 15 orders will recieve an extra Throgaa GID blank!

Follow this link (Preorder Here!) to be taken directly to the shop!